Carey Price has just revealed his intentions for the rest of the season

Published April 16, 2022 at 11:20

After finally playing his very first game of the season, Montreal Canadiens star goaltender Carey Price appeared at a media availability and answered several questions from reporters.

When asked about his intentions for the end of the season, the number 31 had this to say:

"My goal from now until the end of the season is to continue to feel good, stay 100% healthy and increase my level of play. My intention is to build from this game (against the Islanders) and deliver performances that I deem to be 'at an acceptable level'." - Carey Price

Carey's intentions are clear: He has now taken a big step in his process to become himself again (as a goalie), but he will continue to work very hard to deliver increasingly dominant performances.

We know he has very high standards for himself and he wants to achieve his goals. (in terms of performance) This is promising!

Decisions will really be made on a day-to-day basis, depending on what Carey wants. And he deserves it.

As for his future in Montreal, the least we can say is that he feels wanted more than ever here and he was really touched by yesterday's welcome.

For the complete press briefing:

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Carey Price has just revealed his intentions for the rest of the season

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