Carey Price: Stéphane Waite fell on his butt

Published November 10, 2021 at 10:55

When we suffer from a mental illness of any kind or an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we hide this side of ourselves far away. We hide it perfectly when we are at work or with friends. I can attest to this, having hidden my mental illness for too long.

Carey Price, as a superhero, was a master at hiding this aspect of himself. Stéphane Waite and his close friends among the Montreal Canadiens players were stunned by Price's testimony. Waite, who was very close to "Pricer" for eight years, fell flat on his face when he heard this.

Here is what Price's former personal coach had to say this morning on 98.5 Sports:

"For me, it was clear that it was only mental health (...) I was certain that it was not a problem (of addiction) (...) Every morning, he arrived very ''focused'' on the job. He was a guy who took care of himself, who took care of what he ate. That's why for me it's a total surprise, so much so that even his closest teammates never saw anything, it's very surprising." - Waite

It's amazing how much "poop" humans keep inside. Derek Aucoin once told one of our baseball players who was given a clinic to empty the poop after a bad pitch. Since then, I have applied this teaching in my everyday life.
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