Canadiens trade with Chicago this summer: a real steal for Kent Hughes so far

Published November 25, 2022 at 6:09 PM

When the Habs acquired Kirby Dach from the Chicago Blackhawks in the last draft, many people wondered why the Hawks were so quick to give up on him after only three seasons with the organization.

Even some Canadiens fans weren't 100% convinced of Kent Hughes' decision to pick him up, but since Martin St-Louis had the idea of pairing Dach with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, number 77 is literally on fire.

As my colleague Alexandre Desrosiers of reports, Kirby Dach is headed straight for a 70+ point season.

However, it's not only the Blackhawks who look bad with this deal, but the New York Islanders also. As we know, the Habs had acquired the 13th overall pick in the last draft in return for defenseman Alexander Romanov and Kent Hughes used that pick to go after Dach in Chicago.

Basically, it's as if Romanov was traded one-for-one for Dach. Since his arrival with the Islanders, the Russian defenseman has collected six points in 21 games and he plays an average of 20 minutes per game, which is not so bad, but still, we are not talking about the same impact that Kirby Dach currently has with the Canadiens.

Even if it's still too early to evaluate the situation, let's just say that for now, Lou Lamoriello has been given a quick pass by his Habs counterpart. We love it!

This seems to be a real steal from Kent Hughes.

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Canadiens trade with Chicago this summer: a real steal for Kent Hughes so far

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