Buffalo Sabres fans are furious with the team's staff!

Published August 4, 2021 at 4:02 PM

Jack Eichel's record is obviously very nebulous to everyone. The Sabres captain has been on the trade market for a while, but Kevyn Adams doesn't seem to be able to let him go at the desired price.

Many media have recently reported that Eichel is likely to need surgery to replace a disc in his neck due to a herniated disc. If Eichel were to undergo such an operation, it would mean that he is in bad shape, right?

However, videos of Jack Eichel surfaced this morning on Twitter, where the number 9 can be seen practicing on the ice in his home state of Massachusetts. You can even see Eichel looking pretty good, if you can believe my eyes. He's moving pretty well for an injured player...


Some Sabres fans have reacted to these images of Eichel. They are having a hard time understanding these many rumors of a neck injury, given Eichel's ease on the ice...

It's likely not known where Eichel will end up, or even when, but obviously the Sabres won't let him go for nothing. Their demands would be really crazy, according to several sources.

Is this the moment where Marc Bergevin could make his move? Remember that the Canadiens have been in discussions with the Sabres for quite some time on this issue. Maybe Bergevin would be more comfortable giving what Kevyn Adams wants in return for Eichel, considering the physical condition of the American player.

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