Brendan Gallagher sent a message to fans about Ryan Poehling

Jeff Drouin
October 4, 2021  (4:50 PM)

There has been a lot of talk about Ryan Poehling since the beginning of training camp and the pre-season games, as he remains a candidate to start the season with the Montreal Canadiens. With the maturity he gained last year with the Laval Rocket, it's safe to assume he's finally ready for the big show.

So far, things may not be going as desired for Poehling, who hasn't stood out as much as Rafael Harvey-Pinard or Michael Pezzetta. However, Brendan Gallagher, who has been acting as a captain since he joined the troops, took the liberty of praising his young teammate.
"Poehls is a guy that, no matter where he starts, we're going to need him this year. Obviously he's fighting for a spot. You have to understand the strengths of everyone, he can do a lot of good things and it won't necessarily show up on the score sheet. What he has to do is be in a good position, he has to win his face-offs. That was the first time I watched him and I thought he played a solid game. He was good," said Gally.
He's got a lot right, but what I particularly remember is the last sentence of this part of his speech:
"If Poehls does this, he will be a good player. Looking at the score sheet every night is not enough to impress. There are many areas where you can contribute to the group and Poehls understands that. I hope everyone in the audience understands that as well," added Gally.
So, in a small way, "Gally" sent a message to people who are too critical of Ryan Poehling. He slipped his message in well and let's hope it does some mileage.
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