Brendan Gallagher opened up about his isolation

Published December 19, 2021 at 12:49

Brendan Gallagher admitted that the symptoms he had at the beginning of the virus were quite virulent in the first two days.

"Gally" is therefore in a great position to deliver his concern about traveling abroad on the eve of Christmas. The number 11 wants to work, of course, but he also wants to spend Christmas with his family and not isolated in a hotel room.

During the two days he suffered the most, when he couldn't practice, Gallagher got lost in his thoughts and played video games.

That said, Samuel Montembeault had a similar speech to Gallagher's, then confirmed that a conference call will be held for the 32 NHL player representatives. He doesn't want to be "stuck" in a hotel abroad during Christmas either.

As a parent, I totally understand the speech Montembeault made!

In short, for the moment, the Habs game scheduled for Monday has still not been cancelled. So, until proven otherwise, the game will take place!
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