Brendan Gallagher is not the leader you think he is

Published October 22, 2021 at 1:56 PM

At the moment, we are observing the Habs and we are certainly disappointed with the club's structure, which no longer seems to have a soul. We can see more and more that the leadership, which was one of the great strengths of this club in the last playoffs, is the main weakness of this unit.

The absences of Shea Weber, Carey Price, Joel Edmundson, Paul Byron and the losses of Corey Perry and Phillip Danault are hurting the leadership very badly. Edmundson is, in my opinion, the great survivor of this core. In Brendan Gallagher's case, yes, he is a leader, but no, he doesn't have the build to fill the role of interim captain.

"Gally" is a leader because of his style of play, his hustle, his desire to win, his character and his warrior look. However, he doesn't have what it takes to wear a "C" in the National Hockey League, in my eyes. Just yesterday, the goal that the NHL denied had something to do with the bad reputation of the little number 11.

A captain is respected by officials, the NHL, coaches, teammates and even opponents. In the case of "Gally", he is only respected by his coaches and teammates. When he goes to talk to the referees, his message goes in one ear and comes out the other right away. In the locker room, he is not serious enough to be listened to, according to some information gathered.

Wait for it. I love Gallagher, I'm going to war with him, but I'm one of those who think it would be a mistake to give him that letter of nobility.

Wink to my friend, Sébastien Lemire!
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