Breaking: Gary Bettman Makes a Major Announcement

Published July 19, 2023 at 2:58 PM

In the past few minutes, the National Hockey League, through Bill Daly on behalf of Gary Bettman, announced that they have absolutely no intention of following the NBA's lead and introducing a special competition during the regular season.

Essentially, similar to what is done in soccer, the NBA has just announced the organization of a special tournament in the months of November and December.

All 30 teams will participate and will be divided into 5 new divisions.

The winning team of the tournament will be awarded "the NBA Cup," and each player will earn half a million dollars. The goal is to create excitement and give fans a chance to see more competitive games outside of the playoffs.

There were serious rumors that the NHL might do the same, but Bill Daly just announced that it is a closed matter.

"We are not considering the option of holding a tournament during the regular season." - Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the NHL

The verdict has been issued. They will not imitate the NBA.

Would you have liked the idea?

It could have allowed a team that won't even make the playoffs to cause an upset and play important games.

Certainly, opinions are very diverse. Some consider it excellent news, while others do not.

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Breaking: Gary Bettman Makes a Major Announcement

Would you like to see a special tournament during the NHL season?

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