Breaking: David Reinbacher Finds a New Job and it Says a Lot About Him

Published July 16, 2023 at 9:54

We have just learned some very interesting news about the young first overall pick of the Montreal Canadiens, David Reinbacher, and it comes from the excellent Byron Bader.

This speaks volumes about Reinbacher's character and exceptional motivation.

"I love the fact that David Reinbacher (drafted 5th overall by the Canadiens in 2023) has another job as a scout, which he plans to return to during the summer shortly.

I don't know if he realizes yet that 95% of the top 5 overall picks play more than 200 games in the NHL.

Most of the top 5 picks have NHL careers lasting over 10 years and career earnings exceeding $40 million.

But I still love it. It's good to have options."

Byron Bader

This news has sparked numerous positive reactions.

It clearly shows how Reinbacher absolutely takes nothing for granted, and it also proves how much he loves hockey.

It also demonstrates his strong hockey intelligence and interesting analytical side.

Who knows? After his long career with the Montreal Canadiens (hopefully), he could become a solid scout for the organization someday.

Hats off to David, and we wish him a great scouting summer.

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Breaking: David Reinbacher Finds a New Job and it Says a Lot About Him

Where do you see Reinbacher in five years?

At Moritz Seider's level19643.4 %
Efficient, but not a star19543.1 %
3rd pair dman408.8 %
Not at NHL's level214.6 %
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