Brady Tkachuk responds to Gallagher's warning towards Stutzle

Published April 5, 2022 at 11:35 PM

We told you earlier that after the Canadiens-Sens duel, Brendan Gallagher sent a clear message to the young Tim Stützle, asking him to stop "diving" constantly:

Brendan Gallagher had it in for Tim Stützle. "When I was 10 years old, we had a rule. If you went down on the ice, you had to skip two or three appearances. Stützle always comes back quickly." - J-F Chaumont

Gallagher also added this:

"He's a great player, but more than half the games we've played against him, he drops to the ice, acts like he's in pain and then you see him on the power play, ready to play. There are young guys watching us and they see that. They're taking a cue from us, it's not a brilliant thing to do. If I was his teammate, I would tell him to try to be smarter than that. It's embarrassing what he's doing here... He's a good player, but he needs to stop faking injuries all the time and acting out." - Brendan Gallagher

On this topic, Ottawa Sens captain Brady Tkachuk was keen to respond publicly to the Tricolore forward:

"He's (Stützle) a top player, so it would be stupid for a team not to keep a close eye on him and not bother him. When that happens, he handles it perfectly. Of course, they saw that little bump at the end of the second half. They also tripped him up. He's such a big part of our team and he doesn't back down from anything. I guarantee it." - Brady Tkachuk

So Tkachuk decided to ignore Gallagher in his response (when asked by the reporter about Gally's comments about his teammate Stützle), and just talked about the young German. An interesting answer.

The media pressed a bit, but the Sens captain never wanted to talk directly about Gallagher.

There was also a scrum at the end of the game involving all of the above:

For the full clip of the comments in question:

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Brady Tkachuk responds to Gallagher's warning towards Stutzle

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