Big statement from a former CH scout and he predicts a turnaround for Montreal following the recent drafts

Published May 10, 2022 at 11:32 PM

For the past decade, former Habs head scout Trevor Timmins has had to endure criticism from many hockey fans who have been very hard on him, especially regarding his first round picks.

From Michael McCarron to Jesperi Kotkaniemi, many of Timmins' selections failed to become impact players with the Habs and many blamed him for the team's failures.

But not so fast. While his record hasn't been stellar through 2017, one former Habs scout believes the former head scout may very well have saved the honors in the last four drafts.

As reported by my colleague David Armoni of, Grant McCagg, who is very active on social media, said that the recent signings of Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney were just the beginning, and he goes even further to mention that the Habs are one of the top five drafting teams over the last four years.

While the Habs have been known as one of the worst teams at this level for a long time, it would be quite a turnaround if they became one of the best. Unfortunately, Trevor Timmins will not have been able to build on his recent success, as he was let go this season.

McCagg relies on the fact that the Habs drafted a total of eleven players in 2018, including the likes of Alexander Romanov, Jesse Ylonen and Jordan Harris and the following year Timmins added ten selections and among his picks was a certain Cole Caufield who could become the team's best goal scorer since Guy Lafleur.

Add in Kaiden Guhle, Sean Farrell and Jan Mysak in 2020, as well as Logan Mailloux and the two QMJHL stars in Roy and Kidney last year, and the organization's prospect bank is starting to look pretty good.

Of course, not all of these prospects will become all-stars, but we have to admit that it's been a while since we've seen so many young prospects of this quality and we're not even talking about Justin Barron and the player Kent will select first in the next draft.

Even if the team is rebuilding, we can start borrowing an old Nordiques slogan from the early 90's by saying that the best is yet to come.
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Big statement from a former CH scout and he predicts a turnaround for Montreal following the recent drafts

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