Big disrespect to Cole Caufield following the presentation of the Calder Trophy

Published June 21, 2022 at 8:18 PM

At the time of writing, the National Hockey League 2022 Awards Ceremony is underway, live, and the Rookie of the Year has been crowned.

Not surprisingly, it was young Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider who won the 2022 Calder Trophy, awarded to the top rookie of the year.

Here's why it's getting very interesting for Montreal Canadiens fans: now that the final voting has been revealed, we finally have the complete results of all the votes.

The least we can say is that Cole Caufield did not get the respect and votes he deserved, according to many.

Check out the results:


Seider received 170 first place votes, 18 second place votes, 3 third place votes and 4 fourth place votes.

Bunting (26) received 7 first place votes, 51 second place votes, 65 third place votes, 34 fourth place votes as well as 23 fifth place votes.

Caufield in all this?

Despite an incredible 35 points (and 22 goals) in his last 37 games with the Montreal Canadiens, he finished in 9th place.

The man who was probably the best rookie in the entire NHL, for a full half season, was voted as the 9th best rookie in the league. Really?

Beyond the points, as we know, scoring goals (especially for a rookie) is very difficult in today's NHL.

The fact that Caufield, despite being 21 years old, is producing at a rate of 31 goals/82 games is an accomplishment. On top of that, he produced at a rate of 48 goals/82 games for a full half season.

In short, according to many, he would have deserved a better fate and more respect for what he accomplished with the Tricolore in his rookie season.

In the end, Caufield received: 0 first place votes, 0 second place votes, only 1 third place vote, 6 small fourth place votes and 8 fifth place votes. He just edged out Preds defenseman Alexandre Carrier.
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Big disrespect to Cole Caufield following the presentation of the Calder Trophy

Do you think Caufield deserved to finish higher than 9th in the Rookie of the Year voting for the Calder Trophy?

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