Bergevin would have lied to Molson and the Canadiens organization, according to Serge Savard

Published August 27, 2022 at 10:09

When Marc Bergevin was hired as the Habs' general manager in 2012, former player and team GM Serge Savard was a big part of his appointment.

The latter was part of the hiring committee at the time, but despite all that, the relationship between Savard and Bergevin has never really been harmonious. In fact, we mentioned recently that Bergevin had not been kind to the organization's former players.

But now the former member of the Big Three added a layer during his appearance on Paul Arcand's 98.5 morning show.

As reported by Marco Normandin of, Savard even went so far as to suggest that Bergevin lied to Geoff Molson and the Habs during his job interview. While he had been unanimously chosen by the organization, Bergevin would not have respected at all the plan he had presented in order to be hired.

"He did pretty much the opposite of what he had written to us and what he presented to us, including press relations and everything a good general manager should do. I was very disappointed. If you just look at what happened at the draft, we completely ignored the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, which we did again this year, that's very disappointing."

In addition, Savard also criticized Geoff Molson in passing as he accuses of having completely removed from the picture once the hiring process is complete and that the relationship that the two men maintain today is rather cold.

"We meet and say hello. I don't think anyone goes out of their way to shake hands with the other person. As soon as we named Bergevin... Bang, we don't need you anymore, don't come to the press conference. That's how it happened."

Let's just say it's a pretty standard way to treat the organization's last Stanley Cup-winning general manager this way. Hopefully, things will change with the new management in place.

To hear Serge Savard's appearance on 98.5, click below.

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Bergevin would have lied to Molson and the Canadiens organization, according to Serge Savard

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