Artturi Lehkonen trade to come? Pierre LeBrun just revealed some important new information

Published March 18, 2022 at 8:58 PM

With less than three days to go before the NHL trade deadline, and with forward Brandon Hagel having just been dealt to the Chicago Blackhawks, renowned journalist Pierre LeBrun has just provided an update on the Artturi Lehkonen situation on Friday night.

Is a trade coming for Lehkonen?

See what LeBrun has to say on the subject:

"I'd tell you it looks like a 50-50 at this hour as to whether the Tricolore will trade Artturi Lehkonen (RFA in July) before Monday's 3 p.m. ET deadline. There is real interest around the league. My sense is that Montreal's asking price starts with a first-round pick, or prospect equivalent, plus maybe one other piece." - Pierre LeBrun

So there would be, at this time, a 50-50 chance that Lehkonen is traded by Monday night. If he is traded, it will be for a first round pick (or equivalent) and something else. To be continued very soon.

Remember that this morning, Darren Dreger was saying this on the radio:

"I know Kent Hughes was really busy yesterday afternoon (negotiating to make a trade), and that carried over to the start of the game against the Stars. I have a feeling another player will be traded soon, maybe even as early as today." - Darren Dreger

Dreger and LeBrun, we're talking about two high-profile names here. Things could still be moving in Montreal. What is your prediction?

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