Artturi Lehkonen sends a message to journalists and comments on the rumors about him

Published March 10, 2022 at 12:32

Recognized for his two-way game, Artturi Lehkonen has become a very popular player in the NHL, eleven days before the trade deadline. If many have been impatient with his offensive production in recent years, he is currently making them swallow their words, he's in 2nd place among the team's best scorers.

Indeed, Lehkonen is not and never will be a star player, but he is the kind of player who does all the little things right on the ice. As Martin St-Louis likes to say, he is a player who "takes care of the team."

It is therefore not surprising that there are so many rumors about him, even that his value is quite high according to sources.

Lehkonen appeared in a press conference Wednesday evening, in Vancouver, following a performance of two goals and an assist. He also commented on the rumors about him:

« It's not the first time, in my first season, my name has been dropped many times, so I know the reality of the situation but it's out of my control, I can't do anything about it!"

Number 62 also took advantage of the situation to send a message at Montreal journalists:

"I don't really need to block rumours. I know how it is, I've been in Montreal for six years, so I know the mediaso!"

It's fair game, since it's recognized throughout the hockey world that the Montreal city's media are particularly intense!
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