Arber Xhekaj has just issued a warning to Ryan Reaves, and the fans love it

Published September 29, 2023 at 7:10 PM

Following a very tough game against the Ottawa Senators, many fans of the Montreal Canadiens were disappointed not to see Arber Xhekaj in the lineup.

Martin St-Louis probably regretted it as well.

In short, while the Toronto Maple Leafs will also present a strong lineup to face the Habs tonight, this time, Xhekaj will be there to enforce order and respect on the ice.

He will be there to specifically cool the temper of the very robust Ryan Reaves, who is one of the most feared tough guys in the entire NHL.

Xhekaj was also just asked about the possibility of facing none other than Reaves.

See his response, which the fans of the Tricolore loved!

«He is obviously a physical player, I'm a physical player, so I don't know, we might cross paths a few times... we'll see (with a wink and a sly smile).»

- Arber Xhekaj, on Ryan Reaves

Clearly, the 22-year-old is not at all scared at the idea of measuring up against one of the best fighters in the NHL!

We love it! The message is clear!

He also mentioned later that he wouldn't turn down any invitations.

A warning was also issued that he will act in case of dubious actions towards his teammates.

It promises to be interesting tonight!

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Arber Xhekaj has just issued a warning to Ryan Reaves, and the fans love it

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