Another embarrassing turn of events for the Coyotes and their mini arena

Published May 18, 2022 at 9:21

The saga of the Arizona Coyotes' new 4,500-seat arena is not over. Oh no!

We were informed yesterday that the University of Arizona Sun Devils hockey team will have priority over the arena. So far, so good, it's normal, it's THEIR arena.

The problem is that the Coyotes will not even be allowed to display their logo at center ice for their home games.

Is this what we call the summum of ridiculousness? Oh yes! A shame for the NHL...

In-ice advertising will be a revenue source for Arizona State, and the Coyotes aren't allowed to modify the look of the ice surface including the Arizona State logo at center ice on broadcasts to protect ASU's permanent advertisers in the building. It is noted that this doesn't and shouldn't impact opposing broadcasts filming at ASU.

While the Coyotes control the branding, temporary, of the arena's dashboard and boards, they will need approval for any alcohol or beer advertising and will be limited as to which partners they can associate with as sponsors.

This arena deal is becoming increasingly embarrassing for the team and the NHL. Imagine how the players will be ridiculed next season on the ice of this new arena...

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Another embarrassing turn of events for the Coyotes and their mini arena

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