Angela makes a big move involving Carey Price and it goes viral

Published May 21, 2023 at 3:25 PM

Even though he's been out of the game for over a year, Carey Price is still a fan favorite. Every public appearance he's had at the Bell Centre in the past year has ended with a monstrous ovation. All we have to do is remember the effect his appearance with P.K. Subban had!

We are now learning something good about Carey.

What is less known is that the goalie is very present among fans. He is very generous with them and does not hesitate to do everything to please them. His wife Angela, who is also very popular, is also very generous with fans. We recently had another proof when the couple joined forces to please a big fan of the club.

Indeed, Sean W. Stephenson, known as habs_hollow on Instagram, recently met Angela Price. She was kind enough to give the fan an unforgettable moment when she called her husband on video for him to chat with him.

"Well, that was unexpected! Incredible of Angela and Carey Price to take this moment for a fan. A conversation I'll never forget." - Sean W. Stephenson

It is remembered that the Price family recently put their Candiac house up for sale, with the ultimate goal of returning to British Columbia. Earlier this season, Angela revealed via her social media that the family's move would take place after the school year of the children.

Opportunities to meet Price in town will therefore become increasingly rare, from next month!

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Angela makes a big move involving Carey Price and it goes viral

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