André Tourigny confided in us about Phil Kessel's bad reputation

Published November 9, 2021 at 12:15

Arizona Coyotes head coach Andre Tourigny picked up his first win of the season last Saturday against the Seattle Kraken. The guys are working hard, but before the season started, they all knew it was going to be tough this year.

That being said, on this team led by the bear paws of Andre Tourigny, we find the enigmatic Phil Kessel, who has an unenviable reputation in the media. He has been portrayed since he entered the NHL, but this image is far from representing Kessel.

Here is what Tourigny had to say about him. The "Tou" praised the number 81:

"Honestly, the guys there. You know, when people were telling me that, I thought, well, let's see. Phil Kessel is fun to coach. Phil Kessel has a smile on his face every day, he's fun in the room. When Phil Kessel is in the clinic, there are ten players in the clinic. When he's in the gym, all the players are in the gym."

Tourigny also noted that the coaches in place last year in Arizona told him that Phil was the fun one to coach.

Listen to the one minute 43 of this video, it's worth it!
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