Anderson slips up during press conference and confirms our concerns about Carey Price

Published April 26, 2022 at 3:07 PM

In today's press briefings, reporters asked many questions about Carey Price.

There are many questions about his health and his future.

In the last few minutes, the Montreal Canadiens interim head coach, Martin St-Louis, was in a press briefing and he announced a small turnaround.

Finally, the number 31 will travel with his teammates to New York (contrary to what was announced yesterday) but he will be there for medical reasons:

"Carey Price will travel with the team to New York for a medical evaluation." - Montreal Canadiens

Carey having to (already) go back to his surgeon, when he seems to have aggravated his injury, smells bad... Unfortunately.

While Martin St-Louis refused to talk about a big relapse, and while he hid his concern, Josh Anderson stepped up.

Josh Anderson, on Carey Price's upcoming physical in New York: "You're talking about Carey Price, a goalie who's been here forever; one of the best in the league. So any time you hear news like that, it's definitely a concern for us, of course, but I guess we should see today, and tomorrow, where he's at and go from there." - John Lu

It confirms what we thought, it confirms our concerns. This is indeed bad news, and fans are right to be concerned about this impromptu visit by Carey, in New York. The fact that he already has to go back to his surgeon doesn't smell good.

Anderson further verbalized his fears, and those of the players in general. They're in the same boat as us fans.

For Josh Anderson's full press briefing:

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Anderson slips up during press conference and confirms our concerns about Carey Price

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