Analyst names Kaiden Guhle as one of the two pillar for Team Canada

Published December 26, 2021 at 7:04 PM

The Canadian team will begin its World Junior Championship journey on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. against the Czech Republic. While several key players like Shane Wright and Connor Bedard will be the focus of attention on the offensive end, the success of Dave Cameron's team could depend on the performance of two defensemen in particular.

TSN analyst Shawn Simpson believes that backs Owen Power and Kaiden Guhle will be the two key pieces of the team, mainly because of the maturity of their game, which he believes can already be compared to the game of some players in the National Hockey League.

Power and Guhle may only be 19 years old, but they do look like veterans when you watch them play against other players their age. Their ability to always make the right decision, coupled with their physicality and offensive instincts, makes them a sure bet to stand out in this tournament.

In the case of Guhle, it also means that he will have great responsibilities, both on the ice and in the locker room, as he will not only have to perform on the ice, but also fulfill his duties as captain of the team. In short, we will see tonight if the Habs prospect will be able to take up this challenge that promises to be huge!
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