Analyst gives his opinion on who he thinks has the best value ahead of the trade deadline

Published February 10, 2023 at 11:21

With the NHL trade deadline approaching, Montreal Canadiens game commentator on TVA Sports, Felix Seguin, made a big statement.

"In my opinion, David Savard has the most value in Montreal" - TVA Sports


We obviously imagine that he is talking about players possibly available for a trade. That would exclude Caufield, Suzuki, Guhle and company.

In short, the question is interesting, especially considering Joel Edmundson's health and Kent Hughes' clear desire to get his hands on another 2023 first round pick. (with reason)

Plus, some would argue that losing Savard would hurt the Habs' defense extremely badly, and thus, it would be good for the 2023 lottery.

In his text, Félix Séguin explains that he really likes David Savard's way of playing and he describes him as a player practically made to measure for the playoffs. (a very logical acquisition for a contender at the deadline)

Even at 32 years old, he is still very effective and can take big minutes, not to mention his Stanley Cup in 2021 with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

"With the trade deadline fast approaching, the names of Sean Monahan, Joel Edmundson and Josh Anderson keep coming up in discussions. These are players who are attracting interest from the Canadiens. Of course, in the case of Monahan and Edmundson, they must be healthy.

But in my opinion, David Savard has the most value in Montreal [...]. And on top of that, his salary is reasonable in the context of hockey. After this season, he still has two more years at $3.5 million annually." - Felix Seguin

He could indeed make a big difference for a team looking to win the Stanley Cup this season, and he certainly has the value that a Ben Chiarot had last year for the CH.

"In return, the Canadiens could definitely get a first round pick. After that, it's logical to think that a draft pick or picks would be added. If other picks are not involved, you have to think that a young prospect or prospects would be sacrificed." - Felix Seguin

In short, he's a very interesting value and it could be tempting for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to trade him.

Would it be a mistake to do so? You be the judge, but the offers could be very tempting.

As for Seguin, unless the offers are "outrageous", he hopes the Habs don't trade Savard. What about you?

It's interesting to see the descriptor get his feet wet.

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Analyst gives his opinion on who he thinks has the best value ahead of the trade deadline

If David Savard gets you a 2023 1st rd pick, would you trade him?

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