Analyst and former Canadiens player fired from ESPN

Published June 6, 2023 at 10:37

Over the past few hours, big news broke and really shook up the sports media world.

The very popular analyst and former Montreal Canadiens player, Chris Chelios, was shown the door at ESPN.

This news is causing a huge reaction right now on social media, especially since he was appreciated by fans and the reason for his departure remains unknown.

We simply learned that his contract would not be renewed.

Two sources confirmed that Chelios will not be back next season as a studio analyst for ESPN.

It is said that 'this was part of ESPN's review of talent contracts this month'.

It is also said that other big names might be leaving soon.

There's turmoil at ESPN, as the ratings for NHL games are far below expectations.

Credit: House Of Hockey
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Analyst and former Canadiens player fired from ESPN

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