An intriguing photo of Kotkaniemi went viral and it could explain many things

Published June 14, 2022 at 8:54 PM

It's no secret that the Montreal Canadiens' former third overall pick, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, had a horrible end to the season and playoffs.

Kotkaniemi, who was making $6.1 million this season, had 0 goals (and 2 points) in 14 playoff games with the Hurricanes.

Worse, here's the stat that probably hits home the most:

"Jesperi Kotkaniemi: 0 goals, 2 points in playoffs. He has one goal in his last 33 games (playoffs + regular season). #LetsGoCanes" - NHL Watcher

A pace of not even three goals/82 games. Ouch.

Clearly, his head coach realized this and his playing time has drastically dropped. He's playing much less in Carolina, compared to his usage with the Tricolore (almost 15 minutes per game with MTL vs. 12 minutes per game with the Canes)

Anyway, we're telling you about it today because, as reported by DansLesCoulisses via Twitter, a picture of Kotkaniemi is circulating a lot right now on the web.


Fans have spotted a splint (or cast) on KK's right hand. Was he playing injured? It seems to be the case and that could explain a lot of things, including his non-existent production in the last few months.

Let's remember that a certain Leon Draisaitl was playing on an ankle during the recent playoffs. He was seriously injured and scored 32 points in 16 games.

However, you can't compare the two, what Draisaitl did is simply ridiculous.
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An intriguing photo of Kotkaniemi went viral and it could explain many things

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