Alexander Romanov trains with the enemy

Published August 16, 2021 at 9:04

The Montreal Canadiens lost in five games to the mighty Tampa Bay Lightning in the last Stanley Cup Final. Following the Lightning's win, which was their second successive Stanley Cup, some players, led by Nikita Kucherov, made fun of the Montreal Canadiens. It's even fair to say that the former first choice of the Blue-White-Red in 2016, Mikhail Sergachev, found his Russian comrade very funny.

Despite this episode, it didn't stop Alexander Romanov from breaking bread and training with Mr. Sergachev. The two youngsters are almost the same age (21 and 23), so they certainly have some things in common. That being said, the picture shows that the two defensemen like each other, even if they don't wear the same colors... and despite the "Kucherov" chapter. Although Sergachev also shook up social networks after the Lightning's win!

Let's just hope Sergachev doesn't pour his bile on the Montreal Canadiens during the two young men's summer training. If he does, Romanov better get away from this one!

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