Alexander Radulov's former team wants nothing to do with him and calls him a traitor

Jeff Drouin
May 15, 2022  (10:27)

As reported by our colleagues at MarkerZone, after the rumors sending Alexander Radulov (again) to the KHL, for next season, there is the president of his former team, CSKA Moscow, who made a strong exit.

He insisted on one point: Radulov is not welcome there.
Recall that the current Stars forward left CSKA Moscow, in 2016, to sign with the Montreal Canadiens and begin a third stint in the NHL.
The 35-year-old will become a free agent in July and all indications are that he will not be back in Dallas, he was even left out of the playoffs.
There is a lot of speculation that he will return home after what was a forgettable season with the Dallas Stars.
However, indeed, Igor Esmantovic (CSKA president) said this week that he has absolutely no interest in signing Radulov, and that's because of the circumstances surrounding his latest departure from the KHL.
"We are not negotiating with Radulov or his agent. A man who betrayed CSKA by going abroad cannot play for the club in the future. He went to America when there was an agreement that he would sign a contract with CSKA. I would like Alexander to be present at this press conference and tell everything himself.

I don't really want to talk about it without him. But I will explain in simple terms what really happened. He was offered a five-year contract with CSKA. He agreed to sign it to stay at CSKA for a long time. But for two or three months, as the regular season and playoffs continued, he found a way out of the situation and did not sign the contract.

When his contract ended, Alexander simply left for North America. Since he did that, we decided not to go back to him. That's his choice. He lives in America and he probably likes it there."

In his first two seasons in Dallas, Radulov had over 70 points each time. Since then, however, his production has dropped off considerably.
This season, he has managed just four goals in 71 games, and has a disappointing 22 points overall.
More details to follow!
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Alexander Radulov's former team wants nothing to do with him and calls him a traitor

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