Alex Ovechkin is now known as Conan the Destroyer

Published January 26, 2022 at 9:55

Monday night, the Golden Knights were in Washington to fight against the Caps of Alexander the Great, to succeed in defeating them 1-0.

During this game, «Ovi» was obviously blanked, but he still managed four pucks at the net and distributed no less than six checks.

That said, we all know about the violence of his shot. A lightning shot, which has foiled the opposing goalkeepers 759 times so far. In short, on Monday, number 8 smashed/destroyed Robin Lehner's mask, which was certainly shaken on the sequence!

Here is the moment in question:

The result of the races? Lehner's grid was broken because the throw was so powerful! INCREDIBLE!

We must say it once again, Alex Ovechkin is a UNIQUE player!
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