After St-Hubert, it is Desjardins who is uncomfortable with Mailloux's selection

Published July 27, 2021 at 2:52 PM

Yesterday, the St-Hubert restaurant chain indicated that they were not comfortable with the Montreal Canadiens' controversial selection of Logan Mailloux. This time, it's the Mouvement Desjardins who spoke out on the subject and the speech remains quite the same. The Mouvement Desjardins is very uncomfortable with the arrival of Mailloux with the Montreal Canadiens since he made a stupid and immature gesture involving sex accusations.

Desjardins is one of the most generous sponsors of the Montreal Canadiens and it would be a great loss for the organization if the Mouvement Desjardins withdrew from this partnership.

"We contacted the Habs yesterday to obtain an explanation and to share our discomfort with this decision. Desjardins will not comment further and will not grant an interview on the subject," said spokesperson Valérie Lamarre in an email to the Journal de Montréal.

As for the other big sponsors such as Bombardier, Tim Hortons, Esso, Enterprise, IBM, La Cage or Techo Bloc, Journal de Montréal tried to reach them, but without much success. I guess they don't feel more comfortable than the others regarding the Habs last first round pick.

This pick is taking a lot of space and is throwing shade on everything the Montreal Canadiens have done in the last few months. Justin Trudeau, the big sponsors, the fans, the journalists... In short, everyone is strongly criticizing the Montreal Canadiens organization. It's not funny to see this team "buttering up" the newspapers so negatively.
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