A worrisome article involving Jake Allen and the Montreal Canadiens

Published September 10, 2023 at 2:00 PM

Over the last three seasons, goalie Jake Allen has provided proud services to the Canadiens.

Tasked to become the team's number one goalie after Carey Price's injury, the 33-year-old veteran has held his own with, it must be said, a bottom-ranking team for two years.

More often than not, Allen has given superb performances to his team, but it is very possible that the goalie's best days are behind him.

Journalist Jonathan Bernier looked into the matter in an article published in the Journal de Montréal and let's not kid ourselves, the goaltender has started showing some signs of fatigue.

According to figures put forward by Sportlogiq, a majority of goalies reach their peak around the age of 29, followed by a quite pronounced decline until the age of 33.

A concerning publication for what's to come, especially considering his contract.

Coincidentally, Allen just turned 33 a month ago. Kent Hughes will soon have to ask questions about the future of his veteran goalie.

Not to mention that the position of goaltender is very demanding on the body as the knees, hips, and ankles are so heavily strained that it is not surprising that careers are short.

Just ask Carey Price.

For now, everything indicates that Allen will be in office at the start of the season, as he begins a new two-year contract this year with an annual salary of 3.85 million dollars, but if he were to experience difficulties and a certain Samuel Montembeault takes over the number one spot, we could very well see Kent Hughes actively getting on the phone to gauge the market for a possible trade.
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A worrisome article involving Jake Allen and the Montreal Canadiens

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