A well-known journalist personally and severely attacks Carey Price: it causes a huge reaction

Published December 12, 2022 at 11:36 PM

The debate has been raging for a long time around the CH, should the organization retire the jersey of its star goalie Carey Price? Much like the goaltender's career, the question has stirred up emotions and there are two opposing sides with their own visions of things.

This weekend, Montreal Gazette reporter Jack Todd added fuel to the fire with a story that will be the talk of the town. According to the veteran journalist, the events that put Price forward in the last few days have tarnished his image forever and he should not have the honor of having his jersey retired.

We remember that the goalie recently posted a shocking publication on Instagram in which he directly addressed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Even worse, Price associated himself in this publication with the CCFR, a pro-gun group that recently put forward the promotional code "Poly", a few days before the commemoration of the event, for the purchase of goods on its website. Todd didn't like the association at all and says he should have saved himself a little embarrassment and not published anything.

The journalist also mentions that he will personally fight, on behalf of the 14 victims of the Polytechnique tragedy, so that the number 31 is never retired by the team.

While some applaud Todd's paper, others strongly disagree with him. The comments at the bottom of his paper on Twitter keep the debate going. Should the rest of Price's career be forgotten at the expense of this story?

As Pablo Herrera-Vergara reminds us in an article on DLC, Price and the city of Montreal is much more than the goalie's last week...

Not counting his 712 games, 2.51 GAA and .917 save percentage, he has done a lot for the community. He was there when the fans needed a hero, he carried the team on his shoulders throughout his years with the organization. These are things that should also be considered in the debate about retiring his jersey.

Oh yes, Price did not hide and admitted himself, contrary to what the CH had said, that he was aware of the tragedy at the Polytechnique. He also apologized to the families of the victims. If the damage was done, it must be said that he did not hide behind the silence and that he faced reality!

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A well-known journalist personally and severely attacks Carey Price: it causes a huge reaction

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