A wave of protest breaks out after the game between the Habs and Leafs: a statement that's causing a stir

Published April 9, 2023 at 10:00

Last night, after the Montreal Canadiens' game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, we witnessed the boldest statement of the year.

It came from Chris Wideman.

When asked about the Leafs putting their emergency goalie in the net in the final seconds of the game, Wideman said:

«"They'll get what they deserve in a few weeks. (getting eliminated from the playoffs)» - Chris Wideman, who was visibly frustrated that the Leafs sent college goaltender Jett Alexander into the fray.

Let's remember that Alexander had signed a one-night contract with the Maple Leafs to act as a backup.

As my colleague Nicolas Desrosiers from Marqueur reports, this has caused a huge reaction on social media.

«Allowing a 23-year-old to live a dream that he may never have the opportunity to experience again is actually a bad thing. . - Chris Wideman, Essentially»

It was popular journalist Scott Wheeler who criticized Wideman's comment. (Many others also challenged his opinion.)

Here's another reaction from Marc Dumont, a former employee of the Canadiens:

«Wideman's quote was stupid. He knows better. He was clearly frustrated with himself and his team and grabbed the first target he could get. - Marc Dumont, former Canadiens employee . »

As for the CH players, there's Mike Matheson who responded directly the opposite of Wideman:

«I think it was a good opportunity for the backup to get in there; a unique thing in his life for him..." - Mike Matheson. » - Matheson

There's also Martin St-Louis, who said he doesn't mind it one bit.

It didn't take much to create controversy and a big debate on social media, due to Wideman's comments.

Fans on twitter weren't having it with Chris' comment:

Credit : Marqueur.com
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A wave of protest breaks out after the game between the Habs and Leafs: a statement that's causing a stir

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