A typical situation that may well explain the Tricolore's development problems

Published November 27, 2021 at 11:43

Once again, the Habs lost last night in Buffalo, 4-1, despite having one of the worst records in the NHL in November with only two wins.

In the loss, TVA Sports reporter Nicolas Cloutier brought up a situation that may explain why the Habs are having trouble developing their young players.

While the Tricolore had a four-minute power play, Dominique Ducharme did not send Swedish defenseman Mattias Norlinder on the ice once. However, Norlinder is known for his massive offensive game.

If you think this situation only happened with the big club, the same thing happened with the Rocket in Laval. But why? If we want to develop Norlinder as a quarterback on the power play, shouldn't he be on the ice when these situations arise?

As Nicolas Cloutier says, it's a problem of culture and organizational philosophy. The problem is that this has been going on for ages in Montreal! Change is needed and quickly!

Otherwise, the development of many young people will be wasted again and again...
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