A team would have officially submitted an offer for Sean Monahan!

Published November 30, 2022 at 1:27 PM

It has just been announced on BPM Sports, according to Maxime Truman's sources, who hosts the lunchtime show with Georges Laraque, the Habs have received a serious offer for Sean Monahan.

The latter says he has no details on the offer itself and on the team that made the offer, but what Truman knows is that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton would have refused the offer.

So this now means one of two things: either the Habs want to wait and see if they can boost the value of #91 around the trade deadline, or management potentially wants to retain the center's services and eventually work out a contract extension with him.

In my opinion, I think and fervently hope that it's because of the first option and that it means that Hughes simply didn't get what he wanted in return for his 28-year-old forward.

It's important to remember that many experts believe that Monahan could very possibly bring back a first round pick in return. Was that what the Habs were offered in their most recent proposal? At this point in the season, I get the impression that a team to take a chance by trying to low-ball the Tricolore.

If this is the case, CH management did the right thing by turning down the deal for their player.

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A team would have officially submitted an offer for Sean Monahan!

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