A surprising statement from Alex Burrows regarding Slafkovsky and his future role with the CH

Published August 14, 2022 at 9:49

Since young Juraj Slafkovsky officially became a Montreal Canadiens player, fans, and probably management as well, have been anxious to see him report to Habs training camp.

We can't wait to see him in action against CH players and we obviously can't wait to see if he'll start the season in the National Hockey League, or not.

We're certainly taking it one step at a time, but after such a strong development camp, it's hard not to get excited about seeing Slafkovsky in Montreal this October.

Even Habs assistant coach Alex Burrows is already thinking big for Slafkovsky, he has already admitted that he wants to make him a bigger part of the team.

As reported by DLC.com, not only does Burrows hope to see Slafkovsky break into the Tricolore's lineup (as soon as this season), he's already thinking about a role for him on the power play, imagine that:

"You see he's ready physically. He's strong, he skates well, and he's got great offensive skills. It's going to be in rookie camp and in the Habs camp that he's going to be able to stand out. Let's hope that he will find a place with our team. We'll have to try to find a spot for him on the power play, for sure, with the way he's able to shoot the puck." - Alex Burrows via RDS

He's already clearly and openly admitting that he needs to find a spot on the power play. It's really interesting and it promises!

It's rare to see a coach step forward like this, especially with a rookie, but he's 100% right to do so. We love it, it's refreshing!

This is a surprising, but pleasantly surprising statement. We can even make a connection with the renewed transparency of the organization towards the fans.

For all the details and for the full interview with Burrows :

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A surprising statement from Alex Burrows regarding Slafkovsky and his future role with the CH

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