A radio host made a very important request to Jeff Gorton

Published December 31, 2021 at 5:11 PM

The Montreal Canadiens are in a rather unique situation these days.

The COVID-19 is not letting up on Dom Ducharme's team, which is full of players on the COVID-19 protocol, with 14 cases.

The Montreal Canadiens head coach does the best he can after every practice or even game with his team to update the hockey world on this precarious situation. He does what he can under the circumstances.

However, an English radio host pointed the finger at Jeff Gorton, because usually the staff makes a public appearance in major situations like this. It shouldn't be up to the coach to keep people informed.

He literally made a request for Jeff Gorton to talk to the media about this.

Say what you will about Marc Bergevin, he was not afraid to speak to the media when it was time. Jeff Gorton has a duty to his fans and to the players. He must inform people.
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