A powerful message has just been sent to those who deny Carey Price and it's shutting many up

Jeff Drouin
October 27, 2022  (11:23)

In a media scrum earlier this week, goaltender Carey Price looked like a goaltender who has played his last NHL game and is turning the page on his professional career.

It made many fans and observers wonder about his legacy, especially with the Montreal Canadiens.
There is notably Maxim Lapierre who, as Marco Normandin well points out, went there with a powerful message directed at those who constantly put Price down.
"Me, it always made me laugh. I heard people who didn't like him say that Carey Price isn't that good, but every year the NHL players voted Carey Price the best goalie, it was unanimous. So all these players don't know hockey. After that I saw him from the inside. I won the cup with him in Hamilton, I saw him in Montreal... [...] . He was the best goalie in the NHL." - Max Lapierre

Max then goes even further, and gives a very strong argument.
"I had a chance to discuss this with Martin Brodeur when he came to St. Louis with us and Roberto Luongo in Vancouver... Those guys are legends and they were telling me they'd never seen that! They said: 'I've never seen a guy like that. He's so strong, it's another level. It's impossible to be like Carey!' Guys were saying it." - Max Lapierre

And there you have it! He closes with a major statement about the legacy of #31 in Montreal.
"I'm going to go further than that and say that this guy saved the pride of the Habs for the 15 years that he was there because we would have been bad! He was so good that he hurt us because we didn't really see the product we had and we weren't there at all. He was saving everyone, basically." - Max Lapierre

It's frankly hard not to agree. For those who continue to criticize Price, know that legends like Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo, they recognize what a dominant goalie Carey Price has been.
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Credit and: HABSolumentFan
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A powerful message has just been sent to those who deny Carey Price and it's shutting many up

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