A new and extremely controversial statement regarding Caufield and Suzuki, courtesy of Norman Flynn

Published October 20, 2022 at 6:54 PM

The Habs' first overall draft pick, Juraj Slafkovsky, now has four games under his belt in the NHL.

Despite some good sequences, the young Slovakian winger still hasn't put his name on the score sheet and Martin St-Louis is using him on average about 10 minutes per game.

Of course, some Canadiens fans would have liked to see him participate more in the team's success, but as Médérick Lefebvre of Danslescoulisses.com reports, there is one important aspect in which Slafkovsky has still not participated since the beginning of the season: the power play.

Since the beginning of the season, the number 20 still hasn't gotten any appearances on the five-man power play, and let's just say that it annoys a well-known hockey analyst in Quebec.

While appearing on Georges Laraque's show on BPM Sports, Le Monde de Georges, Norman Flynn said that Slafkovsky's lack of use on the power play is currently hurting his development.

Which is not entirely untrue indeed, but Flynn went, once again, very far in his comments by mentioning that Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield would not be more productive if they were not used on the power play.

What was that? Yes yes, he did say that:

Once again, the RDS analyst made an unusual statement. However, in the case of Slafkovsky, you have to admit that he is only 18 years old and that it is certainly not a lack of talent, but rather the normal learning curve for a young prospect of his calibre.

If you remember last year, Caufield was having all the trouble in the world scoring goals and at one point, number 22 literally exploded and he is now the sniper that Habs fans have been waiting for.

In conclusion, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton's plan for Slafkovsky is not the player he is now, but the player he will be in the next five years.

So on that, patience my Norm.
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A new and extremely controversial statement regarding Caufield and Suzuki, courtesy of Norman Flynn

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