A former Habs unpopular player could end up leading an NHL team

Published January 17, 2022 at 12:07

Montreal Canadiens fans will remember Quebecer Louis Leblanc as a flop. He was selected by the Montreal team in the first round in 2009. He simply did not live up to the expectations placed on him.

After a short career of 234 games in the AHL and 50 games in the NHL, the 30-year-old turned to another career choice than hockey.

He now works in the field of high finance, having returned to school at Harvard University after his career in professional hockey. He is no longer involved in the hockey world. However, he is not closing the door on a possible return to his old love, but this time in an administrative job.

Leblanc is inspired by a certain Mathieu Darche, candidate for the position of GM of the Montreal Canadiens, to pave his way.

Remember that Darche had left the world of hockey after his professional career in 2012.

The former Montreal Juniors player is very good with numbers, considering his degree in economics. He could get a chance to prove himself in an NHL organization in a few years, who knows? An opportunity as an assistant GM or even an advisor is clearly not to be overlooked in his case.

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