A former Habs defenseman had a lot to say about Brendan Gallagher and fans won't be happy

Jeff Drouin
April 14, 2022  (7:49 PM)

While the Montreal Canadiens' management and players are already preparing for the future of the club, there are many questions raised about the future role and future of Brendan Gallagher.

The feisty 29-year-old forward is still signed for five seasons, after this year, at an annual salary of 6.5 million.
Yesterday, as reported by Jeff Drouin (Fanadiens.com), former NHL defenseman Alexandre Picard, who played for the Habs, had a lot to say about Gally, on the "Time Out" podcast:
"After the game, St. Louis said Gallagher would need to adjust his game. He said he doesn't always have to be the first player in check before and always be in front of the net pecking at the goalie. He's been playing like that his whole career and he always works extremely hard, I have a lot of respect for that, but at some point you have to adjust. It seems like he only has one way of playing and that is in front of the goal. He doesn't think about using his hockey intelligence.

That's where we'll see if Gallagher is really a team player or if he's just thinking about himself. If he can't adjust or if he doesn't want to, we'll have the answer. Yes, he's a warrior, but at some point he has to take a step back, let the game come to him and look at his options." - Picard

Afterwards, he expands and goes further:
"I'm going to go further. I'm not a forward, you'd have to ask Guillaume Latendresse or Maxim Lapierre, but it must be tiring to play with a guy like him. You're always chasing the puck, a scrum breaks out after every whistle, you have to defend your teammates all the time... It must be really tiring." - Picard

Do you agree with him? What would you do with Gallagher?
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A former Habs defenseman had a lot to say about Brendan Gallagher and fans won't be happy

What would you do with Brendan Gallagher?

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