A deal like Jesperi Kotkaniemi for Kirby Dach and the Montreal Canadiens?

Published July 23, 2022 at 3:24 PM

As you know, the Montreal Canadiens' promising new center Kirby Dach is still a restricted free agent.

Eventually, the Montreal Canadiens organization is expected to announce his signing and considering the fact that Kent Hughes has almost no cap room under the salary cap, we can't wait to see what kind of contract awaits Dach.

Are Hughes and Gorton confident enough to take the risk of signing him long-term? It could become a home run, but it's also a considerable risk.

If not, the other option is the bridge deal, a short- to medium-term contract.

On that subject, The Hockey Writers offered some comparables.

- Jesperi Kotkaniemi: well, lo and behold, that's pretty ironic. Recall that KK signed for eight seasons at $4.82M per year in Carolina.

It would be surprising to see Dach (already) sign an eight-year contract, but if Kent Hughes ever wants to go that route, the salary per year should be similar to KK's. Would you do it?


- Casey Mittlestadt of the Buffalo Sabres: he signed a three-year bridge contract worth $2.5M per year.

- Nolan Patrick, former second overall pick of the Flyers: signed for $1.2 million per year on a very short-term basis.

In all three cases, we are talking about very high draft picks who are slow to become the dominant players they have the potential to be.

Considering all of this, we should probably expect to see Dach sign between $1.2M and $2.75M per year. Another good, more recent example would be Eeli Tolvanen, who has also shown some very nice things, but is still in doubt (he signed for two years and three million)

How much do you think Kirby Dach should be signed for? Would you risk offering him a contract like Kotkaniemi?

Credit: Alex Desrosiers, Rumeursdetransaction.com
July 23   |   579 answers
A deal like Jesperi Kotkaniemi for Kirby Dach and the Montreal Canadiens?

What kind of contract would you sign Dach?

Nolan Patrick (1 year, 1.2 millions)6711.6 %
Eeli Tolvanen (2 years, 1,5 million per year)31354.1 %
Kotkaniemi (8 years, 4.5 million per year)10818.7 %
Other9115.7 %
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