A big decision made by Martin St-Louis in the last game raises many questions

Published March 7, 2022 at 8:36 PM

Since his arrival as interim head coach with the Canadiens, Martin St-Louis has completely transformed the team.

Some players are simply on fire right now, one quickly thinks of Cole Caufield, but it should also be mentioned that Jeff Petry's game is becoming as solid as it has been in the last four seasons. But there is one element that has eluded Canadiens supporters in the last two games and which was mentioned by a journalist from TVA Sports.

Marc-André Perreault pointed out to Jean-Philippe Bertrand, during the podcast La Dose on the TVA Sports.ca website, that Petry's playing time on the power play was practically non-existent.

«The thing I remember the most from that game was Petry's time on the power play: zero minutes, zero seconds for Jeff Petry on the power play against the Edmonton Oilers." - Marc-André Perreault

And during last Thursday night's game in Calgary, it's a total of 40 seconds that the number 26 of the Canadians spent on the ice during the power plays of his team.

Meanwhile, it was another Habs defender who took advantage, a certain Ben Chiarot.

«Look at this, Ben Chiarot, two minutes eight seconds on the power play. [] You also have Artturi Lehkonen who has 3 minutes 13 seconds. You know, it's big minutes that there. I mean, let's face it, these guys are in the showcase and you want to bump up their stats and stuff to give them value, but Jeff Petry having zero time on the power play, there's something there." - Marc-André Perreault

Is it a Canadians strategy to highlight and showcase Chiarot and Lehkonen by March 21?

This is quite possible, as both players are part of many trade rumors and according to Perreault, Kent Hughes has every interest in increasing the value of his two players until the trade deadline.

Do you like this decision?

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