A Habs prospect defenseman could be a game changer for Jeff Gorton's plans!

Published January 7, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Have you forgotten Josh Brook? With the injuries to Price, Weber, Edmundson and all the positive cases of COVID-19, he was almost forgotten.

The Montreal Canadiens' second round pick in 2017 has not played a game this year, so far. The latter underwent lower-body surgery in September, which had to keep him out for several months.

His return is scheduled for 2022, so could we expect to see him back on the ice soon?

One thing is for sure, before his injury last year, Brook was having a good season by any measure. He had 15 points, including two goals, in 33 games and maintained a +9 rating with the Laval Rocket. Joel Bouchard did a good job with the 22-year-old. Remember that he was used both on defense and offense. When he returns to the game, there is no doubt that he will spend time with the Rocket.

However, in the medium term, could he help the Montreal Canadiens? Of course! The organization has almost no defensive replacement on the right side, except for Logan Mailloux, so Brook could take advantage of this gap in the team.

On a third pair with ice time around 16 to 18 minutes per game, I would have no problem with that. He'll have to work hard to get there, but it's not impossible. After all, at the time, he was considered one of the top prospects in the organization.

He may want to rebuild his reputation when he returns to the game.

The Clague, Niku and Wideman's of this world will have to watch out, as Brook should not be removed from the equation too quickly.

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