500 fans at the Bell Centre: a member of the organization responds

Jeff Drouin
January 26, 2022  (9:14 PM)

500 fans. That's all the Montreal Canadiens can accommodate at the Bell Centre starting February 7. Although this is a good start, it is obviously not enough, since it is only about 2.35% of the maximum capacity.

In this regard, CH Group President of Sports and Entertainment, France Margaret Bélanger, understands the government's rules, but she cannot help but hope for a better future.
"There is no doubt that there is disappointment, but we cannot do otherwise. We are aware of the situation. The health of people and solidarity, we have understood all this for 22 months and we are very careful about it. That being said, it is difficult to explain why 500 people can be accommodated in a 1,000-seat room and that at the Bell Centre it is 500 people for 21,000 seats. The Bell Centre is two million square feet. We would have liked more capacity and we hope it will come quickly."
Ms. Bélanger also pointed out that despite the large number of supporters who have visited the Bell Centre since it resumed operations in January 2021, the institution has not experienced any Covid-19 related outbreaks. She said it was a big feat.
"Since we resumed operations on January 3, 2021, we have never had an outbreak. Despite the hundreds of thousands of people who have been at the Bell Centre, because a lot of people have come to see us in the series and in recent months. It's a pride for us and we want to maintain that. We explain how we see things and they make the decisions."
On a more positive note, France Margaret Bélanger also commented on the arrival of a new General Manager in the person of Kent Hughes. And while there will certainly be a period of adjustment, she believes that this appointment will bring a lot of positive for the organization.
"It's a lot of change. Marc has been here since 2012, but we have to look to the future. I think we have two very good hockey heads right now, and I think that's going to take us somewhere else. I'm not involved in hockey decisions, but I'm watching this," she concluded.
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