5 Canadiens players could be sacrificed by Kent Hughes this summer on the trade market

Jeff Drouin
May 20, 2022  (9:47 PM)

Since his arrival, Kent Hughes has clearly announced his colors, notably by trading players like Tyler Toffoli, Ben Chiarot as well as Artturi Lehkonen and we can expect more movement this summer.

As reported by THW, there are five players in the organization who are particularly likely to be traded and sacrificed by the Tricolore's GM.
See the 5 players they have identified:
- Mike Hoffman, who has relatively good value and has two years left on his contract. His departure would free up over $4M under the cap and that would be crucial.
- Jeff Petry, who had a horrible start to the season and finished well. There will be interest. On top of that, his wife (Julie) and family left Quebec during the season, to return to the US. A move that speaks volumes. Let's not forget that he literally asked for a trade at the beginning of the season. Many teams will be willing to take that risk, even if he pockets $6.25M per season. That would be another significant $6.25 million that Hughes could release under the payroll.
- Carey Price, who earns more than 10 million per season. According to them, Kent Hughes could try to pass on him to a team that is struggling to meet the salary floor. I would go with this one, because it's really impossible to guess the outcome of this one.
- Joel Armia, who is getting a lot of attention right now at the World Championship in Finland. He's the kind of player that could certainly find a buyer, and his departure would free up another $3.4M on the payroll.
- Brendan Gallagher, who has been a shadow of his former self this season. A team looking for a spark plug and a playoff player could be tempted (like the Kings). At 6.5 million per year, this would be another big cushion that Kent Hughes could give himself here.
It's going to be a really interesting show for fans this summer, it's going to be busy and there's the draft in Montreal (in which the CH has the first overall pick)
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5 Canadiens players could be sacrificed by Kent Hughes this summer on the trade market

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Price8213.8 %
Gally11118.7 %
Petry28347.7 %
Hoffman11719.7 %
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