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HABS: a new $30 million contract for Jonathan Drouin?

Published April 7, 2024 at 7:26 PM

What a story, that of the former Montreal Canadien forward Jonathan Drouin.

While some were sending him to Europe or retirement last season, here he decided to bet on himself by accepting a small one-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche. And what a good decision it was for him!

He earns practically the NHL minimum wage, but that's going to change.

The Bill Masterton Trophy candidate, who has seen all colors over the past few years in Montreal, accumulates a solid 52 points, including almost 20 goals, in 74 games with his new team. (20 points in his last 14 games)

It's really solid and really impressive.

Drouin will now have a huge decision to make this summer, as he claims he wants to stay in Colorado, but will also have the arguments to aspire for a significant salary increase.

Drouin, who earns $825,000 per year, could jump to $6 million per season, starting next season, according to some experts.

"Drouin will cost $6 million this summer and he will be worth it." - Drew Livingstone, Colorado journalist

This will really be a file to watch, but it looks like Drouin is on track to sign a contract for 4 or 5 seasons worth a total of $24 to $30 million. Wow

His agent seems to be quite proud:

What is your prediction on this matter?
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HABS: a new $30 million contract for Jonathan Drouin?

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Less than 2 million per year22143 %
2-4 million per year24046.7 %
4-6 million per year458.8 %
More than 6 million per year81.6 %
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