Famous Adult Model Makes a Second attempt to get with Connor Bedard

Published October 19, 2023 at 12:36

It's really become a new, somewhat disturbing trend (according to many), but it's being seen more and more.

Is it the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift effect? Good question.

The fact is, public figures are increasingly reaching out to professional athletes, and in the case we're interested in here, NHL players.

We saw it with Logan Mailloux and Cole Caufield of the Montreal Canadiens, and now there's a new story of this kind involving the phenomenon Connor Bedard.

And it goes quite far.

Breckie Hill has millions of followers on social media, and she is extremely popular especially on TikTok.

Apparently, she has a liking for Bedard.

After making the above post, with the little "hey, Connor Bedard", she's going even further today.

Breckie Hill has just announced that she's taking the next step in her quest to woo Bedard, as she's attending Connor Bedard's game in Colorado tonight.

She's evidently trying to get in touch with him. Good luck.

Breckie Hill will attend Connor Bedard's game in Colorado

When asked about her interest in Bedard, she mentioned this:

«I'll be there to support him on October 19th in Denver, see you soon.»

@breckiehill Replying to @Cole ♬ Hoes Come Easy - RJMrLA

It seems that Bedard is fully experiencing what it means to be one of the most popular players in his sport.

We bet he'll be advised not to meet the adult influencer.

Credit: House of hockey

See more photos of Breckie Hil:

Her full content is on her Instagram page.

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Famous Adult Model Makes a Second attempt to get with Connor Bedard

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