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Terrible news from the Ducks and it's over for Trevor Zegras there

Published March 30, 2024 at 10:11

As the NHL draft approaches, Trevor Zegras's name might be closely linked to Kent Hughes and the Canadiens via trade.

It's known that Montreal wants to complete another trade similar to the Kirby Dach one, it's known that Trevor Zegras is very good friends with Cole Caufield, and it's known he likes Montreal.

Is there really smoke in this case?

In any case, since his return to play, experts are increasingly convinced that he is unfortunately no longer in the plans of the Anaheim Ducks.

He no longer seems to be having any fun at all (which is extremely sad to see) and his frustration is becoming more and more apparent:

We are far from the young man who had so much fun playing over the last two seasons and who was so electrifying.

It's obvious that his trade market value has dropped significantly in a year, and it's clear that doubts are settling in Anaheim.

Injustice towards Trevor Zegras?

Following this sad scene, Zegras was ONCE again punished by his head coach. It's honestly terrible.

"Trevor Zegras was benched after his penalties. This is now a few times this season that Greg Cronin has left him on the bench. There's no consistency from Cronin in terms of benching players for bad penalties.

There's no doubt that Zegras's cross-checking was incredibly stupid. But there have been a lot of incredibly stupid penalties by the Ducks this season, with no consequences. It's the inconsistency that's the issue." - Félix Sicard

In short, it seems to be understood that the Ducks' head coach only punishes Zegras, while his teammates sometimes do the same thing as him. (but they are not punished)

Zegras is trying to spread his wings, but his leaders keep weighing him down.

If you ask me, whether he is traded to the Montreal Canadiens or elsewhere, it's over for Trevor Zegras with the Anaheim Ducks.

I would be extremely surprised if he starts the next season in California.

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Terrible news from the Ducks and it's over for Trevor Zegras there

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