Trade proposal emerges between MTL and OTT directly from the draft floor

Elias Edmonson
June 21, 2024  (12:06)

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Here's a scenario where Kent Hughes receives a call from the Ottawa Senators directly on the draft floor in Las Vegas for a major trade.

It's a scenario proposed by Marco Normandin, just for fun, but it's also very realistic because we know the Sens want to trade their 7th overall pick, and we know they want to acquire a high-impact defenseman.

A trade between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators involving Kaiden Guhle?

Imagine the scenario.
Kent Hughes settles at his draft table and receives an unexpected call from General Manager Steve Staios:
«Staios, being aggressive in his aim to improve his team for the upcoming season, wants to bolster his defensive corps and is keen to acquire the young defenseman Kaiden Guhle.

In return, he offers you his first-round pick, the 7th overall in this draft.»

- HABSolumentFan

So it would go like this.
To Montreal - 7th overall pick in 2024
To Ottawa - Kaiden Guhle
This would allow Kent Hughes to draft at the 5th and 7th overall positions and would give the Habs a chance to snag, for example, Ivan Demidov AND Sam Dickinson or Zeev Buium.
It would be quite a bold move, live from the draft floor, but would you do it?
Personally, normally, I prefer to keep the sure value rather than the draft pick, but in Guhle's case, I must admit I have a concern. A concern that has absolutely nothing to do with his talent or the quality of the player he is.
«With the multiple injuries he's already sustained early in his career (knee, concussions), it's worth wondering if it's just bad luck or if signing him [soon] to a long-term contract could come back to haunt the Canadiens.» - Marco Normandin

And it's a valid point.
The Canadiens will soon have to think about signing Kaiden Guhle to a long-term, high-value contract, but with his history of injuries and concussions, it worries me a bit.
Anyway, I think the question is really interesting.
And you, would you trade Kaiden Guhle (a 16th overall pick), for the Senators' 7th overall pick?
In essence, would you trade Kaiden Guhle for Sam Dickinson or Zeev Buium?
I really feel that this is exactly the type of trade Ottawa would accept, but would Montreal?
Credit: HABSolumentFan
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Trade proposal emerges between MTL and OTT directly from the draft floor

Would you trade Kaiden Guhle for the 7th overall pick in 2024?

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No49369.8 %
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