Patrik Laine trade to the Canadiens: Last-minute development from known insider

Elias Edmonson
June 14, 2024  (11:32)

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We just had an interesting development in the case of the transaction involving forward Patrik Laine.

Let's recall that a big piece of news broke on Wednesday night, when it was announced that Laine has officially requested a trade from the Columbus Blue Jackets.
So they will trade him this summer.
Knowing that Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens are looking for a top-6 forward, and knowing that they are looking for a player with a good build, the name Patrik Laine was immediately linked to the Habs.

Acquisition of Patrik Laine by the Canadiens: Eric Engels Speaks Out

According to what several experts seem to think, including Engels, the risk with Laine is not so much the price to pay to acquire him via trade, but rather the cost of his contract ($8.7 million until 2026) and the risk involved in giving a player like him a chance.
In the latest episode of Tony Marinaro's podcast, the excellent Eric Engels spoke about the Patrik Laine situation in relation to the Montreal Canadiens.
He believes that Laine can be interesting for the Habs, but only up to a certain point.
«It all depends on the acquisition cost. I don't think it would be too expensive to get Patrik Laine. But it doesn't always depend on what impact he has on the salary cap or what you have to give up in a trade.

It also depends on the risk you take with this player, and not just because he entered the Player Assistance Program, but also what we've seen from him on the ice last year. He was benched for a while by Pascal Vincent.

And when he came back into the lineup, it was against Montreal, I was at the game, the impression he gave me, even though he had a lot of personal issues to manage, was that he was indifferent.

He still scored a goal on a breakaway. And it was the kind of game where I thought if I were Pascal Vincent, I would keep him in the stands again.»

- Eric Engels

Knowing this, does the Sportsnet journalist believe that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton should take a shot at Patrik Laine?
Here is his answer on the subject.
«That doesn't mean the Habs shouldn't take the risk, because if it doesn't work out, you let him go in two years.

However, it could also be a risk that pays off immensely, especially if it's not expensive to acquire him. Should he be the Canadiens' number one target? I don't think so. But I don't think he's out of the equation either.»

- Eric Engels

I think that sums up the situation extremely well.
It should also be added that Laine is a power play specialist, who could completely transform Martin St-Louis and Alex Burrows' power play unit.
Here is the relevant clip:
And you, would you take a chance on the very talented Laine? I sincerely believe he could be an interesting project for Martin St-Louis and that it could work with the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens.
Patrik Laine, 26 years old, 6 feet 5 inches and 215 pounds, was the second overall pick in 2016. He has recorded 9 points in 18 games this season, 52 points in 55 games last season, and 56 points in 56 games the season before.
He has been very productive in the NHL.
Let's also recall his two absolutely phenomenal first seasons in the NHL, during which he amassed 36 goals (at 18 years old) and 44 goals (at 19 years old).
We repeat ourselves, but such talent does not disappear magically. 44 goals at the age of 19 in the NHL is absolutely astounding.
Knowing that it would take considerably less to acquire Patrik Laine in a trade, would you prefer this acquisition over those of Martin Necas or Trevor Zegras?
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Patrik Laine envoyé chez le Canadien de Montréal: on a du nouveau et c'est gros
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Patrik Laine trade to the Canadiens: Last-minute development from known insider

Knowing that it would take less to acquire Patrik Laine in a trade, would you prefer this acquisition over those of Martin Necas or Trevor Zegras?

No, I want Martin Necas19624.5 %
No, I want Trevor Zegras729 %
Yes, I want Patrik Laine at a lower cost38648.3 %
I don't want any of them14518.1 %
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