Chantal Machabée has just confirmed the big rumor involving Cole Caufield

Elias Edmonson
June 14, 2024  (10:56)

Photo of Cole Caufield
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Excellent Chantal Machabée has just confirmed what we thought about the young Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield.

Even though number 22 drew some criticism at the end of the season for his responses in front of journalists and some new behaviors, we wanted to highlight a response given by Chantal Machabée during a recent interview.
The rumor had been circulating for a while, and I believe the guys from Stanley25 talked about it in an episode, but Cole Caufield is probably the most generous player on the Canadiens.
It has never been publicly announced because he doesn't do it for the recognition, but there were whispers about some extraordinary acts by Caufield in the community.
Let's recall what Jean Trudel mentioned about him:
«I have a scoop on Cole Caufield. [...] So, there's a Quebec company called Fake Artgang that launched a new cap, and then Cole Caufield commented on the post saying he liked the product...

So, the company's social media guy sent a private message to Cole Caufield asking if he wanted free products... and Cole replied:

‘No need, I already ordered it!'»

This is a small example but speaks volumes.
In addition to supporting a Quebec company, he insisted on paying for the products instead of trying to get a free cap (like 90% of public figures do).

Chantal Machabée adds more in an interview

We talked about this yesterday, but the VP of hockey communications for the Montreal Canadiens was very generous and answered all of Marco Normandin's questions.
Regarding Cole Caufield, here's what she had to say.
«Cole is an extraordinary young man. He is kind, funny, empathetic.

He does a lot of things that people have no idea about because he doesn't want it to be public. He spends a lot of time with fans, children, and disadvantaged and sick kids. It's amazing how much time Cole Caufield gives to all these people, and he doesn't want cameras.

He wants to do it for the right reasons, and he does. He's sharp, everyone on the team loves him, everyone makes fun of him, and he has a strong sense of self-deprecation, and he's a charming guy we love deeply.»

Chantal Machabée

Wow! So, unlike some names we won't mention, Cole Caufield is heavily involved in the community. He gives back a lot and is very engaged with disadvantaged and sick children, but he refuses to let it be known publicly.
He doesn't do it for public recognition; he does it because it's important to him and because he's an exceptional person.
It's really touching to read and hear.
Some athletes help young people only for the cameras and for appearances, but that is clearly not the case with Caufield. Hats off!
Rappelons que vous pouvez retrouver l'entrevue complète et l'article intégral de Marco Normandin, avec Chantal Machabée, en cliquant juste ici.
An excellent interview!
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Chantal Machabée has just confirmed the big rumor involving Cole Caufield

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